Cesar Felipe Lopez

Technology has been with me in my past, my present, and my future. In high school I learned how to use Adobe Flash and Photoshop. Flash exposed me to ActionScript, which introduced me to programming with interactive animations.
I entered California State University, Los Angeles as a Computer Scientist and built my background as a developer. Different classes introduced me to different languages such as: Java, JavaScript, C#, and MySQL. In 2019 I graduated with a bachelors degree in Computer Information Technology with an emphasis in business in I.T.
I am currently working as a Refresh Technician at Illumina where I image laptops, install software, and prepare phones & desk setups. My goal is to transition into a developer role in the future. I have recently taught myself Python and React.
My portfolio contains a variety of different projects. I have worked in Web, App, and Game Development. I also like to create digital art and have an interest in photography.

Cesar Felipe Lopez

Web & App Dev.

Create beautiful fully interactive web sites with different tools that can include: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, or Wordpress

Web Hosting

Need a quick reliable server for your new project? Leave it to me


I can tutor in technology specific subjects. Anything from basic Computer configuration to programming

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