About Me

A little information about me is I was born in San Diego and grew up in Chula Vista. During my time at Castle Park High School I participated in different school programs and activities. I participated in Cross-Country, Soccer, and Track & Field. I also was in Advance Placement classes and in the International Baccalaureate program. While these factors helped shape my character. Nothing above affected my future more than a single multimedia class.

To clarify this multimedia class taught students Adobe’s Creative Suite. It focused on using Adobe Flash as a tool to educate students on Biotechnology labs that were used at our school. Flash would be my first introduction to a technology specific tool.

Animating vector graphics frame by frame was fun but it was ActionScript’s programming logic that really peaked my interest. I never dove into advanced ActionScript code. However practicing Flash programming was enough knowledge to help myself find out more about me.

As soon as I started to apply to different colleges, I was stuck in deciding between 2 majors. Many of my classes in high school dealt with biological and physical sciences. This lead me to always think I might pursue a career in some biotech related field. Yet my past involvement in Flash had sparked my interest in pursuing Computers Science. My inner flame was lit. This flame was already laying a path in front of me

I enrolled in California State University, Los Angeles‘ Computer Science program under the University’s Engineering College. I was able to complete several series of classes that introduced me to programming through Java. With Java I was first able to learn basic programming concepts such as if statements and different types of loops. Second I was able to learn Object Oriented programming concepts. Third I was exposed to data structures and some basic algorithms. Finally I was introduced to server side programming with Java Servlet Pages (JSP).

I made many mistakes while my time in college. One of these biggest mistakes was falling behind in my Math and Physics classes. What followed was a domino affect that set me behind my planned 5 year path to graduation. Falling behind prevented me from taking many of my upper division classes.

It was soon time to add classes for the next semester. Subsequently I struggled to make a schedule that satisfied my full time enrollment. As I scrambled in search for any class that could fit into my schedule, I added my first Computer Information Systems (CIS) class.

After a few semesters I was stuck. Several prerequisites were preventing me from advancing in my Computer Science Degree. I knew I was reaching the limit in my Financial Aid and I had to finish school as quick as possible. After carefully reviewing my options, I decided switching majors would be my best option.

During my last 3 semesters I constantly overloaded in units to graduate with a CIS degree under CSULA’s College of Business and Economics. While I was exposed to game development with Unity and Data Analysis with Hadoop, during this time I diverted from development.

After graduating in Spring of 2019 I felt as I had many options laid out in from of me. I soon found out there were little opportunities for me. This had me analyze what I really enjoyed. I soon realized I love to create things.

Whether creating things through art or through code I now had a bit more direction in my life. Now I am focusing primarily in Web Development.