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The Breakdown: YouTooDJ

The Inspiration

YouToo DJ expresses my music by allowing YOU to DJ your own YouTube Playlists. Even before I imagined YouTooDJ I always liked saving my liked music into playlists. Playlists helped me categorize my favorite songs and made the process of saving new music less confusing. One of the platforms I first created my playlists was on YouTube.

YouTube playlists are the main way I play and share my music at parties and kickbacks. When ever I was playing from my laptop I noticed mixing was easier with two different YouTube windows open. This allowed me to smoothly transition the volumes between each each player. Then it occurred to me. Why not have a web app that could play two different windows on the same page. Of course there were web apps that had already implemented this idea. Some of these projects can be found below.

These projects did not deter me from still implementing YouTooDJ. In contrary they inspired me with different ideas and helped set goals to pass.

Lessons Learned

This project has been in development for so long mainly because I do not actively and constantly add new features. Its complex and messy HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code can be iterating to relearn but each time I dive into this project I have allot of fun. If only I set aside more time…

During development I have run into several bugs through different iterations. When introducing Bootstrap to improve the projects UI, I was also able to solve a major bug that dealt with a looping button.

YouTooDJ V1

YouTooDJ V2

During the UI overhaul I first made the YouTube players bigger (which indirectly allowed users to access more default player buttons). Secondly I re-positioned some buttons and changed the header. Finally I changed colors and spacing between different elements.

So far this project has helped me into creating more then just a basic website that displays static information. Integrating YouTube’s API has allowed me to create a tool that will very rarely ever play the same exact sound twice. I hope as this project’s features grow so will its popularity and use.

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