Rubik's Cube

+ And/Or – Thinking…

Thinking my greatest strength but my greatest weakness. I see, hear, feel, but then I think. I think of the positives but I also think of the negatives. I am able to better grasp complete ideas but viewing ideas in different angles can also end up haunting me.

Last night I was thinking to myself and came to a realization about good and evil thoughts. While we can try to stay optimistic there can be conflicting ideas telling us otherwise. You ignore it but then who thought it? Is it you?

Am I really in control of what I think? Or am I only in control in how I react to those thoughts? Should I accept my demons and overcome them. Maybe I can just keep running. Even I cant outrun my thoughts…

In moments like these I try to clear my mind. While easier said then done. It helps to close my eyes. Listen to everything even some trash dancing with the wind. My heartbeat pulses through me. Inner piece is achieved… but only for a moment. Think positive, if not repeat.

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